Respect the environment

For many years we have been actively reducing our use of pesticides on the estate.

We believe that it is very important that the area in which one works and lives is cared for and cultivated in the correct manner. Our house is situated in the middle of the vines. Our children have grown up there and we wish to preserve the environment for future generations, thus at the same time maintain the quality and durability of our vines.

For more than a decade we have not used any insecticides and we have reduced by 50% our usage of sulphates, due to the fact that we use high performance sprays.

We also have a weather station which measures wind speed allowing us to spray at the optimum moment.

We have decided to commit ourselves to an international certificate ISO 14001 by way of a collective approach. Sharing experiences are one of the many benefits of being part of a group.

Listed below are the commitments which we actively carry out:

We preserve water, we collect and treat all our wine effluent.

We enhance biodiversity by keeping our hedgerows and we have fallow areas on our land.

The middle of the rows of vines has been grassed for a number of years. We do this so that the bees can forage and in the winter it is grazed by a herd of local sheep.

We sort and recycle all our rubbish in the correct manner and our objective is to reduce it even more. We use cartons suitable for recycling and bottles which weigh less than 50kg.