Determining the correct time to harvest the grapes is of major importance; as the time for the harvest approaches we regularly taste the grapes .Each parcel of land is carefully monitored, as the moment for harvesting approaches.

The machine that we use for harvesting allows us much needed flexibility and speed. We can work into the night if need be to get the job done.

The grapes are then sorted by hand in the cellar and only the best quality grapes are kept.

The white wines :

The wine is fermented in barrels of which only one third are new with lees stirring,   taking place during 7 months.

Red wines :

Traditionally the winemaking in the bordelaise region is conducted in stainless steel vats regulated by a system of thermoregulation. The fermentation temperature does not exceed 28/30 degrees centigrade which is the optimum temperature for keeping the finesse of the fruit. It is the same for the remontages (action of pumping the wine to the bottom of the vat, this is particular to red wine making as it involves extraction of colour).

This all takes place under the guidance of our oenologist Pascal POUSSEVIN. We decide whether to place the developing wine in vats or barrels depending on the Chateaux. Our barrels come from different barrel manufacturers (cooperages) to enhance the aromas and flavours.

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